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EA/RIR for Amendment 114 to the FMP for Groundfish of the BSAI and Amendment 104 to the FMP for Groundfish of the GOA, and Regulatory Amendments Analysis to Integrate Electronic Monitoring into the North Pacific Observer Program

June 01, 2017

The Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Impact Review analyzes a proposed management change to establish electronic monitoring as part of a research plan for fixed gear groundfish and halibut fisheries of the Gulf of AK and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands.

This document analyzes alternatives that would allow an electronic monitoring system onboard vessels to supplement existing observer coverage. The electronic system consists of a control center to manage the data collection connected to an array of related components. These components include digital cameras, gear sensors, and a global positioning system receiver.  Monitoring would target the harvest and discard of fish and other incidental catch at sea.



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