Enforcement Priorities 2012-2017

October 01, 2012

NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement established our first ever enforcement priorities in 2012. We solicited input from constituents and partners through many channels, including the National Enforcement Summit, the fishery management councils and the interstate commissions, as well as a formal 60-day public comment period.

In FY2012, NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) implemented a process for setting strategic operational priorities at the national and regional level. These priorities support NOAA’s statutory mandates to manage marine resources, as well as Department of Commerce and NOAA strategic goals, and were developed with input from stakeholders via various venues including the 2010 NOAA National Enforcement Summit. Beginning with this document, these priorities will now be set and reviewed on a 5-year planning cycle and will provide a more tiered and strategic planning approach. The revised planning cycle will synchronize our priority-planning efforts with the federal fiscal year allowing for a greater impact in improving management efforts while affording NOAA and our partners the time to focus on establishing Annual Operating Plans with targeted Performance Measures and Milestones each year. This process will continue to utilize stakeholder input and emphasizes strong relationships with State and Federal partners that result in effective and fair enforcement programs.

Last updated by Office of Law Enforcement on 02/14/2018