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Essential Fish Habitat: An Ecosystem Approach

October 02, 2019

Poster graphically depicting Essential Fish Habitat.

poster titled Essential Fish Habitat: An Ecosystem Approach

Poster: Essential Fish Habitat (EFH), An Ecosystem Approach

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Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) is defined as the physical, biological and chemical characteristics necessary to support fish for feeding, spawning, breeding, and growth to maturity.  Many key Ecosystem Processes (EFH Attributes) interact in water to support our fisheries. EFH is not just hard substrate and structure, such as coral, rocks, kelps, and sea grasses. While substrates influence the physical characteristics of seafloors, watersheds, and associated vegetation, ecosystem processes influence the physical characteristics of the water and habitat(e.g. water quality, quantity, temperature; dissolved gases; and bio-chemical interactions) that support food chains and fish survival, and promote sustainable fisheries.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 09/23/2022

Essential Fish Habitat