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Incidental Take and Interactions of Marine Mammals and Birds in the Yakutat Salmon Setnet Fishery, 2007 and 2008

December 18, 2009

Marine birds and mammals observed in the Yakutat salmon setnet fishery

The Yakutat setnet fishery in Southeast Alaska is divided into two management areas by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, with the Yakataga District in the east and the Yakutat District in the west of the fishery. There are approximately 170 permit holders in the fishery, which is currently categorized as a Category II fishery by the NOAA Fisheries (occasional incidental mortality and serious injury to marine mammals), because of documented interactions with grey whales and harbor seals. The status of these marine mammal populations is described, and marine birds that may interact with the fishery are listed.

For sampling purposes in 2007 and 2008 the fishery was divided into four regions labeled Y1 (the Alsek River area), Y2 (the Situk area), Y3 ( the Yakutat Bay area), and Y4 (the Kaliakh River and Tsiu River area). These regions were sampled separately. The planned observer cover of each region was at least 5% of the total fishing effort based on considerations of the accuracy of estimation expected for the total fishery take numbers of marine mammals and birds.

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