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MAFAC Report: Aquaculture-based Tools to Enhance Fisheries Resiliency During Climate Change

January 26, 2018

Finalized November 2017

This report examines the many possibilities associated with improving resilience in stocks, ecosystems, and communities by using different marine aquaculture tools and techniques. Aquaculture provides an alternative and augmentation to traditional wild-capture fishing, which can enhance the recovery of stocks under stress as well as provide economic benefit to fishing communities. Communities under stress can implement aquaculture as an adjunct, or even a replacement, for participation in wild-capture fisheries. In addition, aquaculture can propagate specific species under stress to augment the natural ecosystem. Aquaculture also has the potential to reduce the impacts of ocean acidification by culturing and augmentation of natural aquatic plants that reduce the levels of acidic components of seawater. Finally, culturing and propagation of specific species that are resistant to more acidic seawater can improve the ecological resilience of the ecosystems in which they are used as an augmentation.

This report is Appendix B of the greater MAFAC Resilience Report


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