What We Do

The NOAA Fisheries Policy Office helps coordinate and implement agency priorities, especially multifaceted initiatives that cross-cut headquarters program offices, regional offices, and science centers, as well as NOAA line offices and other government agencies. Our approach is to facilitate, foster dialogue, and encourage collaboration within or across offices by being open and communicative, strategic, diplomatic, and proactive about problem-solving.


Policy Analysis

We manage the NOAA Fisheries Policy Directive System, which involves facilitating drafting, review, and revision of agency policy with subject matter experts, NOAA Fisheries Leadership, and oftentimes external partners and stakeholders.


NOAA Fisheries Leadership Council

We facilitate meaningful and corporate-level discussion and decision-making by managing the NOAA Fisheries Leadership Council, a council comprised of the Assistant Administrator, Deputy Administrators, and Chief Scientist, as well as program office, regional offices, and science center directors and senior policy analysts.


Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

Ensure stakeholder viewpoints and recommendations are heard and considered through the federally chartered Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee.


Recent Contributions

Here are a few examples of recent projects and initiatives led or assisted by our office:

  • FAST-41/ Infrastructure Permitting

  • Executive Order reviews and reform efforts 

  • Gulf Restoration & RESTORE Act implementation

  • Environmental Compliance for NOAA Fisheries Science Center Research Programs

  • NOAA Energy Team and Tribal Team

  • Alaska Native Scientific Research Standard of Care

  • North Atlantic Regional Team Congressional Roundtables

Our Leadership