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Passive Acoustic Reporting System Templates

March 24, 2023

Template datasheets for providing passive acoustic detection data.

Passive Acoustic Reporting System Templates 

Passive Acoustic Reporting System Templates (zip)

To correctly submit complete detection data for all acoustically detected species to the Passive Acoustic Reporting System, the above templates must be used, consisting of three separate files:


(GPSDATA is only needed for mobile platforms).

Each file contains tabs with: 1) example data; 2) with the field definitions to describe the expected input and format for each column; 3) instructions on formatting and naming the file before submission; and 4) any additional tabs if needed (i.e. the species' codes and call type codes for the detection data sheet). Once formatted and saved as a .csv file the datasheets should be sent to nmfs.nec.pacmdata@noaa.gov. These data will be displayed on the Passive Acoustic Cetacean Map.

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