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Setting the Annual Subsistence Harvest of Northern Fur Seals on the Pribilof Islands: Final Environmental Impact Statement

May 01, 2005

Pribilof Islands subsistence harvest of northern fur seals

Regulations at 50 CFR 216.72(b) require the Assistant Administrator (AA) for Fisheries to determine and publish the take ranges for the Pribilof Islands subsistence harvest of northern fur seals every three years. The purpose of this proposed action is to set the annual Pribilof Islands fur seal subsistence take ranges as required by regulations. The primary issues are potential impacts to the fur seal population, effects on subsistence culture and traditions, and potential impacts to other subsistence species (e.g. Steller sea lions, harbor seals). The preferred alternative maintains the same take ranges as were established for the three year period 2000- 2002 and will have no significant effect on other resources. The current range for St. Paul Island is 1,645 - 2,000 seals; the range for St. George Island is 300-500 seals. These ranges (and co-management agreements) were developed through close consultation with the Tribal Governments of St. Paul and St. George Islands and have been determined as adequate to meet the local subsistence needs for the Aleut community living in the Pribilof Islands.    a

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Northern Fur Seal Subsistence Harvest