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Ta‘ape (Bluestripe Snapper) Recipes

June 10, 2021

Cook or share these four delicious ta‘ape recipes by Hawai‘i chefs.

Cover image of World Oceans Day Taape Specials Four Recipes.


Four recipes by Hawai‘i chefs Mark “Gooch” Noguchi and Kristene “Banchan” Moon that feature the invasive ta‘ape (bluestripe snapper).


Invasive species are a major threat to our native species and habitats. One way to combat this threat is to come together as a community and eat more of them! Ta‘ape is an invasive fish that is bountiful across Hawai‘i reefs. NOAA Fisheries’ partner Conservation International - Hawai‘i, with support from the Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program, is working with local chefs and Chef Hui to get more ta‘ape on our tables to support access to sustainable seafood while helping our local marine ecosystems. Join the movement to #EatMoreTaape by enjoying these four recipes created by Hawai‘i chefs Mark “Gooch” Noguchi and Kristene “Banchan” Moon.

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Post your taʻape dishes on social media with #EatMoreTaape and tag Conservation International Hawai‘i Hawai‘i @CI_Hawaii and @ChefHuiHI on Instagram to be featured!

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