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Beaked Whale Dive Cycle Estimation Based on Acoustic Data From Drifting Recording Systems

November 10, 2022

Our acoustic-only estimation method opens the door to obtaining estimates for many species.

Dive cycle duration is an important parameter in estimating acoustic availability, which is used in acoustic estimates of population density, and may be an important descriptor of beaked whale life history strategies.   

Previous estimates of dive cycles required data from tagged animals; however, only a few of the 24 species of beaked have been tagged.

Barlow J, McCullough JLK. 2022. Beaked whale dive cycle estimation based on acoustic data from drifting recording systems. Marine Mammal Science, 1- 8.  https://doi.org/10.1111/mms.12987.

Last updated by Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center on 11/10/2022