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Genetic Connectivity of Roundjaw Bonefish Albula glossodonta (Elopomorpha, Albulidae) in the Central Pacific Ocean Resolved through ddRAD-Based Population Genomics

November 29, 2023

Significant Bonefishes population structure present between the South Pacific, intermediate Line Islands, and Hawai‘i.

Bonefishes are a nearshore species targeted by non-commercial anglers and subsistence fishers in the Central and South Pacific islands. Among the bonefish species in the Indo-Pacific region, Albula glossodonta are known to have one of the widest geographic ranges, from the Red Sea to the Central Pacific, but it is unknown how dispersive A. glossodonta are between geographically isolated islands.

Volunteer anglers collected A. glossodonta fin clips from the main Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific, Anaa Atoll in the South Pacific, and intermediate Kiritimati Island (Line Islands) to assess the scale of dispersal and population structure within the Pacific Ocean.

Population genomics was conducted based on 208 individuals and 7225 SNPs. Bonefishes exhibit significant population structure between Anaa and Hawai‘i. A lengthy larval duration likely promotes connectivity between Pacific islands. Regional management regimes may be most appropriate for a species with this level of dispersal.

Kamikawa K, Bowen BW, Kobayashi D, Peyton K, Wallace E 2023. Genetic connectivity of Roundjaw Bonefish Albula glossodonta (Elopomorpha, Albulidae) in the Central Pacific Ocean resolved through ddRAD-based population genomics Fishes. 2023; 8(12):585.

Last updated by Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center on 12/01/2023