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Geostatistical capture–recapture models

February 05, 2024

We modify the spatial capture–recapture (SCR) model to accommodate a wide range of space use patterns.

Methods for population estimation and inference have evolved over the past decade to allow for the incorporation of spatial information when using capture–recapture study designs. Traditional approaches to specifying spatial capture–recapture (SCR) models often rely on an individual-based detection function that decays as a detection location is farther from an individual’s activity center. Traditional SCR models are intuitive because they incorporate mechanisms of animal space use based on their assumptions about activity centers. We modify the SCR model to accommodate a wide range of space use patterns.

Hooten MB, Schwob MR, Johnson DS, Ivan JS, 2024. Geostatistical capture-recapture models Geostatistical capture-recapture models: Spatial Statistics, 59.

Last updated by Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center on 03/04/2024