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No Butts About It: Using Urogenital Disparity in a Deep-Water Snapper, Etelis carbunculus (Lutjanidae), for Field-Based Sexual Identification

July 14, 2022

Using a non-invasive method to consistently identified sex based differences in the length and characteristics of  a deep-water snapper (Lutjanidae, Etelinae).

In this study, the authors describe a process that consistently identified sex based on differences in the length and characteristics of the urogenital papilla septum of Etelis carbunculus, a deep-water snapper (Lutjanidae, Etelinae). These characteristics, regardless of fish size, were found to be accurate for 96% of 157 specimens evaluated. The application of this external sex determination technique expedites the collection of sex-specific data and may perform well for other morphologically similar lutjanid snappers. The non-invasive method also minimizes damage to the fish, thereby allowing either its return to the ocean or landing as a valuable whole fish.

Nichols RS, DeMartini, EE, Franklin EC. 2022. No butts about it: using urogenital disparity in a deep-water snapper, Etelis carbunculus (Lutjanidae), for field-based sexual identification. Journal of Fish Biology, 1? 6.  https://doi.org/10.1111/jfb.15166.

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