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National Report on Large Whale Entanglements Confirmed in the United States in 2021

This report provides a summary of large whale entanglements that occurred in U.S. waters in 2021.
November 03, 2023 - Other Reports ,

Atlantic Salmon Assessments

The U.S. Atlantic Salmon Assessment Committee monitors the population status of U.S. Atlantic salmon and reports their findings annually.
November 01, 2023 - Other Reports ,
Atlantic Salmon

Medical Standards for Sworn Personnel

Medical and Physical Standards for NOAA Special Agents and Enforcement Officers.
October 25, 2023 - Policy and Guidance ,

Quantifying Corallivory from Structure-from-Motion Models

Results of comprehensive methodological testing, both underwater and using different annotation tools within ArcGIS Pro.
October 19, 2023 - Technical Memo ,

Environmental Impact Statement for Issuance of an Incidental Take Statement for Salmon Fisheries in Southeast Alaska

The EIS will analyze impacts of alternatives related to issuance of an incidental take statement (ITS) for species listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) affected by salmon fisheries in Southeast Alaska
October 04, 2023 - NEPA ,

Alaska Aquaculture Annual Accomplishments

NOAA Fisheries Alaska Aquaculture annual accomplishments reports.
September 29, 2023 - Other Reports ,

Seabird Interactions and Mitigation Efforts in Hawaiʻi Longline Fisheries, Annual Reports

A collection of annual reports documenting seabird interactions and mitigation efforts aboard vessels at sea. This document also details fishing efforts and mitigation research.
September 28, 2023 - Other Reports ,

MMAP Letter and Certificate for Hawaiʻi Longline Vessels

Hawaiʻi Longline Limited Entry Marine Mammal Authorization Program Letter and Marine Mammal Authorization Program
September 28, 2023 - Document ,

MMAP Letter and Certificate for American Samoa Longline and HSFCA Permitted Vessels

Marine Mammal Authorization Program High Seas Fishing Compliant Act or American Samoa Longline permit holder letter certificate.
September 28, 2023 - Document ,

Alaska Salmon Task Force Meeting Minutes September 19, 2023

Alaska Salmon Task Force Meeting Minutes for September 19, 2023.
September 28, 2023 - Document ,