Gulf of Mexico Recreational Red Snapper Management

Although red snapper are recovering quickly in the Gulf of Mexico, the recreational fishing season keeps getting shorter. Many fishermen are frustrated with the increasingly restrictive management regime and the lack of cooperation between state and federal governments. NOAA Fisheries recognizes new and innovative solutions are needed to manage the Gulf of Mexico recreational red snapper fishery.

Red Snapper swimming in water column


Red Snapper Management Overview

Read a historical overview of population status, rebuilding the population, and current and future management options. 

More Information

2018 Stock Assessment - Southeast, Data, and Assessment 52

Stock Assessment 101

Understanding Fisheries Management

Red Snapper State Management Exempted Fishing Permits

Technical Reports

2018 Red Snapper Recreational Season Lengths

2017 Red Snapper Recreational Season Lengths

2016 Red Snapper Recreational Season Lengths Download File

2015 Red Snapper Recreational Season Lengths

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