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Information for Vendors

Southeast Electronic For-Hire Reporting Program Technical Specifications and Approval Process

The following documents and requirements have been developed to provide interested software and hardware vendor specifications to be approved for the Southeast For-Hire Electronic Reporting programs.

For Software Vendors

Vendor Technical Specifications and Approval Process for the Southeast Electronic For-Hire Integrated Reporting Program (SEFHIER) Software Applications  (PDF)

This document provides technical specifications and the approval process for software applications to ensure that software meets the reporting requirements, such as file layouts, security, and submittal protocols that are specified by the SEFHIER program.  SEFHIER staff will review and ensure the software applications are in compliance with regulatory and technical requirements.  Beyond the requirements contained in this document, the layout and feature set of the product will be left to the vendor.

To guide vendors in their efforts to develop electronic reporting applications, technical specifications are provided that all software applications must meet to be approved for use in the SEFHIER Program.  These technical specifications define the requirements, processes, and best practices that need to be addressed and met during the development and implementation of the for-hire electronic reporting applications.​​​​​​

For VMS Vendors

NMFS Southeast Region Vessel Monitoring System Forms and Specifications for Commercial and For-Hire Vessels 

The NOAA Fisheries Southeast Region Office of Law Enforcement has modified the form specifications in the commercial reef fish program to include the for-hire vessel electronic reporting requirements. This document describes the form requirements for commercial and for-hire vessel trip declarations, pre-landing notifications, and fishing reports (logbook).

Vendor Specifications: Appendices

Appendix A (for Software Vendors only): Required data elements and format for charter/headboat logbook and Gulf declaration

Appendix B:  Gear Codes

Appendix C: Species Names and ITIS Numbers (Coming soon)

Appendix D: End Port and Landing Locations (Coming soon)

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on May 24, 2021