Commercial Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) for Gulf Reef Fish

Gulf of Mexico Commercial Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS)

Proposed Rule for Cellular Based Enhanced Mobile Transceiver Units  (EMTU-Cs).

The NOAA Fisheries Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) program type-approves enhanced mobile transreceiver units (EMTUs) for use in U.S. fisheries. Currently, the only approved method for transferring VMS data from a vessel to NOAA Fisheries is by satellite-linked communication services. This proposed rule would amend the existing VMS type-approval regulations to add cellular-based EMTUs (EMTU-Cs) type-approval application and testing procedures; compliance and revocation processes; and technical, service, and performance standards. This proposed rule is necessary to allow for the use of EMTU-Cs and cellular communication service, in addition to satellite-only models, in federally managed fisheries.

NMFS Southeast Region Vessel Monitoring System Forms and Specifications for Commercial and For-Hire Vessels.

The NOAA Fisheries Southeast Region Office of Law Enforcement has modified the form specifications in the commercial reef fish program to include the upcoming for-hire vessel electric reporting reporting requirements. This document describes the form requirements for  commercial and for-hire vessel trip declarations, pre-landing notification, and fishing reports (logbook).

Commercial Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) for Gulf Reef Fish

The following link is to the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement Type-Approved List of Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS).  The VMS units listed under the Commercial Reef Fish Fishery of the Gulf of Mexico are those approved for the commercial fishery ONLY. The existing approved VMS vendors will have the option to upgrade their systems to meet the for-hire requirements and will need to be re-evaluated and approved for the for-hire program. The approved for-hire vendors will be listed in the near future.

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on April 20, 2020