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Farming in Water

February 22, 2018

Aquaculture—the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of animals and plants in all types of water environments—is one of the most resource-efficient ways to produce animal protein and has helped improve nutrition and food security in many parts of the world.
 Learn how NOAA is a driving force in this rising industry.

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Marine aquaculture enhances coastal resiliency, creates jobs, improves food security and human nutrition and is a valuable tool to help rebuild some protected species and habitats. Limits to wild fisheries, environmental changes, the nutritional benefits of seafood, and trends in global seafood markets underscore the need to increase U.S. marine aquaculture production.

We support cutting-edge science as well as federal policies and regulations to grow sustainable aquaculture in the United States and expand on the social, economic, and environmental benefits it generates.

Check out this story map to learn more about how farming in water could reshape the seafood industry


Understanding Marine Aquaculture

The United States has a small and vibrant commercial marine aquaculture industry supported by world class research and technology.

Shellfish farmers harvest mussels.

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