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Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2 Map

OHA2 was initiated in 2004 to review and update the EFH components of all…
November 01, 2019 - Map ,

Letters of Authorization Programs in the Greater Atlantic Region

This summary of the regulations and requirements for each Letter of Authorization program under the respective Fishery Management Plans is subject to change.

Southern New England Monkfish and Skate Trawl Exemption Area

Map depicting Southern New England Monkfish and Skate Trawl Exemption Area…
September 13, 2019 - Map ,

The Skate Bait Fishery

A description and explanation of the fishery for skates for use as bait within the Northeast Skate Complex Fishery.

Barndoor Skate Provisions

Information on when and how barndoor skates may be kept in the skate fishery.

Northeast Skate ID Guide

Simple identification guide for the skate species within the Northeast Skate Complex.