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NOAA Begins SIMP Enforcement

In December 2016, NOAA established the Seafood Import Monitoring Program …
April 10, 2018 - Feature Story
NOAA Enforcement inspects a seafood import containter with a Customs Officer.

Foreign Approved Lists

Information provided in each country's webpage relates to certification requirements for fish and fishery products destined for human consumption. Certificates for these countries may include food safety/public health attestations, animal health…

Fishery Closures by State

The NOAA Seafood Inspection Program oversees the export of live fishery products intended for human consumption in the United States. The Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (7 U.S.C. 1621-1627) is the primary legislation authorizing SIP to provide service

Seafood Inspection Manual

Authority for the USDC Seafood Inspection Program (SIP) to provide product inspection (audit) services can be found within the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956. This handbook provides procedures of how services shall…

Seafood Commerce & Certification

  NOAA Fisheries works to ensure confidence in U.S. seafood by protecting and strengthening the seafood market through global trade, establishing partnerships with industry and consumer groups, providing seafood inspection services, and…
June 20, 2017 - Seafood Commerce & Certification
Wild-caught fish on ice being inspected by red gloved hand.

Where do Alaska Fish Go?

Click here to download PDF The Alaska Fisheries Science Center, the…
May 23, 2016 - Feature Story ,
Alaska Fishing Industry