90-Day Finding on Petition to Identify Northwest Atlantic Leatherback Turtle as Distinct Population Segment


Endangered Species Act
Action Status
Affected Species


We, NMFS, announce a 90-day finding on a petition to identify the Northwest Atlantic subpopulation of the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) as a Distinct Population Segment (DPS) and list it as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). We find that the petition and information readily available in our files present substantial scientific and commercial information indicating that the petitioned action may be warranted. We are hereby initiating a status review of the leatherback turtle to determine whether the petitioned action is warranted and to examine the species globally with regard to application of the DPS Policy in light of significant new information since the original listing. To ensure that the status review is comprehensive,  we are soliciting scientific and commercial information pertaining to the leatherback turtle from any interested party.

Last updated by Office of Protected Resources on 01/29/2020