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Closure: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Angling Category Gulf of Maine Area Trophy Fishery


Fishing Type
Action Status
Temporary Rule


FISHERY: Angling Category Gulf of Maine Area Trophy Bluefin Tuna (the Gulf of Maine area is defined as the area north of 42° N. lat.).

More information on this area can be found in the Amendment 13 Compliance Guide.

CLOSED: August 5, 2023, 11:30 pm – December 31, 2023


Based on the best available landings information, the 2.3-mt Gulf of Maine area “trophy” bluefin tuna subquota has been reached and exceeded.


HMS Angling category permitted vessels and HMS Charter/Headboat
permitted vessels fishing recreationally in the Gulf of Maine area (defined above).

Recreational fishermen aboard vessels with an Atlantic HMS Angling category or HMS
Charter/Headboat permit (while fishing recreationally) may not retain, possess, or land large medium or giant Atlantic bluefin tuna (i.e., measuring 73 inches curved fork length or greater) in the Gulf of Maine area from 11:30 p.m. August 5, 2023, through December 31, 2023.

Please note, that the Angling category fishery for school, large school, or small medium bluefin tuna (27 to <73”) remains open in all areas except for the Gulf of Mexico, which is designated as bluefin tuna spawning grounds and where NOAA Fisheries does not allow targeted fishing for bluefin tuna.

COMMERCIAL: Not affected by this closure.


HMS Angling and HMS Charter/Headboat permitted vessel owners are required to report the catch of all bluefin retained or discarded dead within 24 hours of the landing(s) or end of each trip by:

Federal Register

Last updated by Office of Sustainable Fisheries on 08/07/2023