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Framework Action: Modification of Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper and West Florida Hogfish Annual Catch Limits


Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Affected Species
Action Status
Final Rule
Point of Contact
Lauren Waters, Lauren.Waters@noaa.gov; 727-824-5305


The purpose of the framework is to modify the annual catch limits (ACLs) for Gulf red snapper and west Florida hogfish based on the most recent stock assessments. The assessments indicated that neither stock was overfished or experiencing overfishing.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council's (Council) Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) acknowledged that the acceptable biological catch for red snapper could be increased above 2018 values, and provided two options to the Council. Based on the update assessment for hogfish, the SSC recommended ACLs that are below the 2018 value.

This framework would set the west Florida hogfish and red snapper ACLs for 2019-2021+ consistent with the SSC recommended acceptable biological catch.

An additional framework action approved by the Council will reduce the buffer between the ACL and the annual catch target for the recreational red snapper for hire component. Read more about the Framework Action to Modify the Recreational Red Snapper Annual Catch Target Buffers. The actions in these two framework amendments will be combined during the rule making process, allowing the public to see the resulting ACLs and provide comment.

Red Snapper Sector 2018 annual catch limit 2019+ annual catch limit 2018 annual catch target 2019 and 2020+ annual catch target
Commercial 7.007 7.701 n/a n/a
Total Recreational 6.733 7.399 5.386 6.263 (2019)

5.919 (2020+)

3.885 4.269 3.108 3.415
Recreational Federal For-Hire 2.848 3.130 2.278 2.848 (2019)

2.504 (2020+)

The 2018 and new west Florida hogfish stock catch limits in pounds, whole weight, are listed below.

Hogfish 2018 2019 2020 2021+
Stock catch limit 219,000 129,500 141,300 150,400


Framework Action: Modification of Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper and West Florida Hogfish Annual Catch Limits (PDF)

Federal Register

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on 04/11/2024