Incidental Take Authorization: Port of Kalama Expansion Project, Kalama, Washington


Marine Mammal Protection Act
Action Status


NOAA Fisheries has received a request from the Port of Kalama (POK) for the re-issuance of a previously issued (see below) incidental harassment authorization (IHA) with the only change being effective dates that are one year later (October 19, 2019 – October 18, 2020). The initial IHA authorized take of three species of marine mammals, by Level A and Level B harassment, incidental to construction activities associated with an expansion project at the POK on the Lower Columbia River, Washington. The project has been delayed and none of the work covered in the initial IHA has been conducted. The scope of the activities and anticipated effects remain the same, authorized take numbers would not change, and the required mitigation, monitoring, and reporting would remain the same. We are, therefore, issuing a second IHA to cover the identical incidental take analyzed and authorized in the initial IHA.

Conceptual site plan drawing

Conceptual site plan

Project location map

Project location map

Last updated by Office of Protected Resources on 12/06/2019