Seabird Bycatch in Alaska

Reducing seabird incidental take in longline, also known as hook-and-line, fisheries off Alaska.


The Alaska Region has been actively addressing seabird incidental take in longline, or hook-and-line, fisheries off Alaska since 1989. AKR seabird-related responsibilities and activities include consultations under the Endangered Species Act, data collection by fishery observers, public and industry outreach and education, research, regulatory action, and participation in the development of actions to reduce the incidental take of seabirds in Alaska fisheries. The Alaska Region plays a proactive role in its coordination with local, regional, national, and international agencies, organizations, and experts in its efforts to reduce seabird incidental take in hook-and-line fisheries. 



Seabird Bycatch Estimates for Alaska Groundfish Fisheries - 2015 Annual Report

NOAA Fisheries annually updates estimates of seabirds caught as bycatch in commercial groundfish fisheries operating in Federal waters off Alaska.


Seabird Bycatch and Mitigation Efforts in Alaska Fisheries: 2007 through 2015 Summary Report

This report reviews seabird bycatch in commercial groundfish and halibut fisheries in the exclusive economic zone off Alaska from 2007 through 2015,



National Plan of Action for the Reduction of Seabird Incidental Catch in Longline Fisheries

Increased concerns have arisen about the incidental capture of non-target species in various fisheries throughout the world. Incidental capture can


Programmatic Biological Assessment on the Effects of the FMPs for the GOA and BSAI Groundfish Fisheries and the State of Alaska Parallel Groundfish Fisheries on the Endangered Short-tailed Albatross and the Steller's Eider

The fisheries analyzed in this biological assessment are the Alaska federally managed groundfish fisheries as authorized by the Fishery Management

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Seabird Bycatch