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Age Determination Materials and Equipment

Virtually all of the equipment employed by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center Age and Growth Program is used to enhance the visibility of annual marks so they can be contrasted with checks (non-annual marks) and be more easily counted.

Equipment and supplies are broken up into the following categories: general supplies (Table 1), sample storage (Table 2), specimen preparation (Table 3), microscopes, imaging, and software (Table 4), and vendors (Table 5)1.

The equipment and supplies tables alphabetically list item name, purpose, manufacturer, model, and vendor. The purpose column describes a primary use for each item, although many items will have multiple uses that are not listed. The manufacturer column may be blank if the manufacturer is unknown or may be listed as “generic” for common items if any manufacturer is adequate. There are many items that could easily be substituted, such as paper cups and tongue depressors, but specific model numbers and manufacturers are given for the sake of clarity.

Age and Growth Data table 1 - Age determination materials
Age and Growth table 2 - Age determination materials.png
Age and Growth table 3 - Age determination materials.png
Age and Growth table 4 - Age determination materials.png
Age and Growth table 5 - Age determination materials