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About Us

Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management

A Division of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center

What We Do

The Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management (REFM) Division, conducts research regarding fish and crab resources in the Northeast Pacific and eastern Bering Sea. Annually, more than twenty-five groundfish and crab stock assessments are developed to aid the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to set catch quotas and guidelines. Additionally, economic and ecosystem assessments are also produced and provided to the council to aid them in better understanding how fishery management actions may affect stocks.

Status of Stocks and Multispecies Assessment Program

REFM's annual surveys are augmented by scientists involved SSMA program. In this program, biological and oceanographic information is combined with statistical modeling techniques to predict future fish populations and possible impact from fisheries and outside environmental factors. Potential commercial fishery impacts on local prey and relative food source abundance is also reviewed.

Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling Program

REFM's REEM program also contributes management advice by creating ecosystem models that review the relationship between predators and prey development.

Age and Growth Program

The Age and Growth program primarily focuses on providing age data that will contribute to a greater understanding of a species, regardless of whether it is in the context of sustainable fisheries, species conservation or species biology. This age data is critical to the development of age-structured models used for future harvesting recommendations.

Economic and Social Sciences Research

The socioeconomic program staff provide economic information to NOAA Fisheries, industry leaders, and other agencies regarding possible economic impacts on local populations from outside sources, such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound.


Our Leadership

Ron Felthoven

Division Director, Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management

Ron Felthoven was appointed as the Director for the Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management Division in 2015. Prior, Ron led the AFSC’s Economic and Social Sciences Research group for 11 years, after starting his career at the AFSC in 2001 as an industry economist. Ron has published nearly 30 peer-reviewed manuscripts and graduated with B.S., M.S., and Ph.D degrees in resource economics from the University of California at Davis.

Dan Ito

Deputy Director, Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management

Dan was appointed Deputy Director of the Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management (REFM) Division in July 2006. He assists the Division Director with the daily operations and management of the Division, as well as monitors the Division’s science portfolio. He also supervises REFM’s information technology staff.