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Image of Amanda Debich

Amanda Debich

Senior Research Associate (Affiliate)
Marine Mammal and Turtle Division
Marine Mammal Branch
Marine Mammal Acoustics
Email: amanda.debich@noaa.gov

Amanda Debich

Senior Research Associate (Affiliate)

Amanda Debich is a Senior Research Associate for the Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies working with the NOAA Fisheries' Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Miami, Florida.

Amanda joined the marine mammal program at Southeast Fisheries Science Center in 2017 where she uses acoustics to study cetaceans. She completed her Master of Advanced Studies degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2009. She has worked on several different research projects across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico. In the field, she uses various tools including towed arrays, sonobuoys, and bottom-mounted hydrophones to record and track whales and dolphins. In the lab, she uses different software to listen to and analyze acoustic recordings to study temporal and spatial distributions of marine mammals and how anthropogenic sounds might affect them.

A list of Amanda's peer-reviewed publications can be found here.