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Audy Peoples

Fishery Biologist
Ecosystems and Aquaculture
Oceans & Climate Branch
Office: (401) 646-2653
Email: audy.peoples@noaa.gov

Audy Peoples

Fishery Biologist

Audy received a bachelor’s in Marine Environmental Science from Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) in 2014. He interned at the center in 2013, researching the feeding ecology of the gray seal through the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP). Audy received his Master’s in Marine Estuarine Environmental Science from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore through NOAA’s Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center (LMRCSC) graduate program in 2016. He has worked in different capacities for the North Carolina Division of Environmental Quality, including recording discards and protected species interactions as a protected species observer and issuing major/minor coastal management permits as an environmental specialist. Audy has been with the branch since 2020 through NEFSC’s Talent for the 21st Century Program! He is focused on the early life history of longfin squid, developing a dataset of paralarval abundance, and sailing on a variety of the NEFSC's resource surveys supporting oceanographic and plankton sampling. Audy also enjoys birding, reading, and watching or playing sports.