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Emily Fergusson sits at a microscope in the lab. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Emily Fergusson

Fisheries Research Biologist
Auke Bay Laboratories
Ted Stevens Research Institute
Recruitment, Energetics, and Coastal Assessment

Emily Fergusson

Fisheries Research Biologist

Emily is part of the Recruitment, Energetics, and Coastal Assessment (RECA) program. Current research focuses on linking environmental variables to changes in the pelagic zooplankton community and in trophic habits of juvenile salmon in Southeast Alaska. She manages the RECA biology, diet, and zooplankton laboratories. Emily is also a co-principal investigator for the Southeast Coastal Monitoring (SECM) project. This 26-yr research project examines relationships among marine coastal conditions and salmon production using data collected monthly from May to July at Icy Strait in northern Southeast Alaska. Emily contributes key oceanographic data from this project to the eastern Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Considerations Report and helps develop the annual SECM adult pink salmon harvest forecast in collaboration with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Emily has a contracting officer representative (COR I) certification. Emily received a M.S. from University of Alaska, Fairbanks and a B.S. from University of Alaska, Southeast.