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Jeanette C. Gann

Auke Bay Laboratories
Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment
Phytoplankton ecology and oceanography
Office: (907) 789-6445
Email: jeanette.gann@noaa.gov

Jeanette C. Gann


Jeanette is an oceanographer researching phytoplankton ecology in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. Her work involves investigating the effects of climate change on phytoplankton community structure and changes in nutritional content of varying phytoplankton communities via fatty acid analysis. Understanding variations in lower trophic level dynamics and their effects on higher trophic levels will aid our understanding of ecosystem processes and better inform fisheries managers.

Additionally, Jeanette aims to increase efficiency in assessing phytoplankton communities. She is currently utilizing two methods of implementation for this: 1) eDNA sampling and metagenomics to determine phytoplankton community structure, and 2) an imaging flow cytobot (IFCB) combined with artificial intelligence/machine learning to batch process large numbers of imaged files for phytoplankton.