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John Rosendale

John Rosendale

Marine Biological Laboratory Technician
Ecosystems and Aquaculture
Fisheries Ecology Branch
Office: (732) 872-3079
Email: john.rosendale@noaa.gov

John Rosendale

Marine Biological Laboratory Technician

Expertise: Participates and performs all duties related to live fish in laboratory experiments. This includes but is not limited to:

  • setting up experimental animal holding aquaria
  • acquisition of multiple size classes of local live fish species for experiments via historical and experimental methods
  • animal husbandry
  • investigation and solution development of agency/council requests related to fisheries information gaps
  • predator/prey relationships
  • prey choice experiments
  • analysis of spawning behavior of Mid Atlantic Bight species
  • gastric evacuation and digestion,
  • fish tagging(acoustic and external)

Additional expertise lies in young-of-the-year fish identification, annual participation in numerous survey methods including: mid-water and bottom trawls, ichthyoplankton collection and identification, side scan/multi-beam sonar, animal/sediment sample collection using various bottom grab devices.