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NOAA Fisheries Personnel Default Profile

John Wallace

Population Ecology Program
Office: (206) 860-3456

John Wallace



John Wallace has worked in fisheries research since 1987. He has been with the NWFSC since 1998. His previous research included the effect of codend mesh size on the West Coast bottom trawl fishery, the determination of factors affecting mortality of trawl-caught and discarded Pacific halibut using seabed cages in the Gulf of Alaska and the avoidance and escape behavior of Baltic herring encountering a midwater trawl. John has a B.S. in mathematics, biology and environmental studies from the University of Minnesota, Mankato, and an M.S. in biostatistics (quantitative ecology and resource management) from the University of Washington.

Current Research

John's current research interest involves using a simulation model to assess the conditions under which various statistical methods should be employed to analysis data. His research focuses particularly in areas where the quantity of interest has a large percentage of zeros, such as in a time-series of survey catches of bottomfish. A zero catch of a certain species may arise from a decrease in abundance or may be due to the spatial patchiness of the species. John's other projects include assessing Pacific halibut bycatch on the West Coast and using smoothing and trigonometry methods to accurately determine the location and distance trawled from hydroacoustic survey information.