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Kinsey E. Frick

Research Fish Biologist
Migrational Behavior Program
nearshore ecosystems, lamprey passage, fish migration
Office: (206) 860-5619

Kinsey E. Frick

Research Fish Biologist


Kinsey Frick joined NWFSC in 2003 as a Research Fisheries Biologist. Kinsey holds Honors B.A.s in Biology and International Studies from Oregon State University. She earned an M.S. in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire for studies on nudibranch predator-prey relationships in the Gulf of Maine. Kinsey's background also includes years of working at community pools, pathology lab tech at a small Oregon seed company, and SCUBA diving credentials starting in 1994 as a teenager. As part of the Migrational Behavior program, she has managed databases for salmon radiotelemetry studies to assess impediments to migration, and participated in underwater evaluation of groundfish populations in the San Juan Islands.

Current Research

Kinsey is an ecologist. She uses observational studies, animal tracking technology, and experimental behavioral trials to evaluate processes and biological responses in marine and freshwater systems. Her current research at the NWFSC focuses on 1) designing and evaluating adult lamprey passage systems at hydropower dams, 2) nearshore marine fish population ecology studies, 3) marine fish population response to dam removals on the Elwha River, and 4) forage fish population dynamics in Puget Sound. She is also a member of the Center's Dive Unit and aids in multiple projects with underwater research needs, regularly including Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary kelp forest characterization, and Puget Sound eelgrass community comparisons in urban and less urban areas.