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Lindsey Nelson

Lindsey Noel Nelson

Fisheries Biologist, Affiliate
Fishery Monitoring and Research Division
Cooperative Research
Bottom Longline Survey Video Reviewer
Office: (401)646-4885
Email: lindsey.nelson@noaa.gov

Lindsey Noel Nelson

Fisheries Biologist, Affiliate

Lindsey earned a degree from Bellevue College (A.A. Science, ‘09) before attending the University of Washington (B.S. Biology, ‘12). At UW, she was an intern at the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST), and also volunteered in the fish biomechanics lab with Dr. Adam Summers. After graduation, Lindsey served as a North Pacific Observer and At-Sea Hake Observer for four years before entering the world of Electronic Monitoring (E.M.) as a video reviewer for seven months. Her departure from E.M. was prompted by graduate research at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science; College of William & Mary (M.S. ‘21), where she studied the population structure of the Clearnose Skate (Rostroraja eglanteria) using genetic and morphological methods and was a Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellow.

As a Fisheries Biologist with the NEFSC Cooperative Research Branch, Lindsey aims to support the Gulf of Maine Bottom Longline Survey’s use of electronic video data to answer important questions about indices of abundance and data collection validation.