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NOAA Fisheries Personnel Default Profile

Marinna Martini

Electronics Engineer
Population & Ecosystems Monitoring & Analysis Division
Ecosystems Surveys

Marinna Martini

Electronics Engineer

Since 1986, Marinna has worked at ocean sites from 3 meters to 3 kilometers, managing innovative projects, designing moorings, and deploying bottom landers.  She is experienced with a variety of sensors which measure ocean currents, temperature, salinity, turbidity, oxygen and more; works with data logger design, programming, construction, testing, packaging and cabling for underwater deployment; processing and analyzing data in python and MATLAB; and has managed shipboard deployment operations and field logistics.

From 1990 to 2020 she worked at the United States Geological Survey’s Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center here in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She earned her bachelor’s degree in marine engineering systems and her third assistant engineer’s license from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, a master’s degree in ocean engineering and instrumentation from the University of New Hampshire.  She recently earned her professional engineering license.

Marinna enjoys curling, cycling to work, kayaking, gaming, reading science fiction and learning about amateur radio.  She wants to learn more about fishing and astronomy. When asked what she looks forward to learning in her new job, she says "anything, that's the fun of being an engineer and working in science!"