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Mary Kate Munley checking gear.

Mary Kate Munley

Fisheries Biologist (Affiliate)
Fishery Monitoring and Research Division
Cooperative Research
Email: mary.munley@noaa.gov

Mary Kate Munley

Fisheries Biologist (Affiliate)

Mary Kate earned both a B.S. in Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Biology and M.S. in Marine Biology from the University of New Hampshire. Her research focuses on fisheries biology, interactions, and animal behavior. Mary Kate has experience collaborating with fishermen and other stakeholders in the channeled whelk fishery as she evaluated sustainable bait alternatives to horseshoe crab. In addition, she has applied her animal behavior background to look at channeled whelk trap dynamics and whelk circadian rhythms. Mary Kate works in the Cooperative Research Branch improving management of the Northern shortfin squid, Illex illecebrosus, by understanding oceanographic and ecosystem drivers.

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