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Mike Morin holding a fish in each hand.

Mike Morin

Marine Resources Management Specialist
Fishery Monitoring and Research Division
Data Information Systems
Cooperative Research
Office: (401) 782-3278
Email: mike.morin@noaa.gov

Mike Morin

Marine Resources Management Specialist

Mike has been supporting fisheries science and management w/ NFMS for over 20-years!, including an Alaskan Observer early in his career and working with the New England Fishery Management Council. For the last 12-years, Mike has supported cooperative research in New England and the Mid-Atlantic as data manager, applications developer, and importantly advocate. Notably this includes the Fisheries Logbook and Data Recording Software (FLDRS) application used to collect data from the Study Fleet Program. Nationally this program is one-of-a-kind at this scale. Mike and the team in CRB that support the Study Fleet Program are integral to our standing w/ both scientists and importantly fishers in the Region.

Mike will expand our support of cooperative research within the DIS Data Management Team portfolio. Mike's background as a software developer will also promote our goals to consolidate and modernize information systems.