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Morgan Bond

Morgan Bond, Ph.D.

Fisheries Biologist
Fish Ecology Division
Salmon life history and behavior, stream habitat models
Office: (206) 860-3428
Email: morgan.bond@noaa.gov

Morgan Bond, Ph.D.

Fisheries Biologist


Morgan has worked at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center since 2014. Previously, Morgan was at the University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences studying Dolly Varden life history diversity in Alaska (Ph.D.), and homing and straying processes in Columbia River basin salmon (Post-Doc). Prior to coming to the Pacific Northwest, Morgan was a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz studying Marine Biology (B.S.) and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (M.A.). While a Master's student at UCSC Morgan also worked at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Fish Ecology Division, as a researcher studying Central California Coast Steelhead, primarily in Scott Creek.  

Current Research

Morgan is currently working on several projects involving Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead. 1. Estimation of the juvenile salmon rearing capacity of the Columbia River Basin using contemporary and historical estimates of river condition. 2. Employing NOAA's National Water Model and remote sensed stream condition to estimate how changes in stream flow affect salmon spawning and rearing habitat. 3. Otolith microchemistry as a tool to evaluate salmon life histories.

Morgan is also an underwater photographer and documents Pacific Northwest salmonids in their environment for fun and science.   

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