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Nate Mantua

Nate Mantua, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Landscape and Seascape Ecology
Fisheries Ecology Division
Landscape and Seascape Ecology Team
Office: (831) 420-3923

Nate Mantua, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Landscape and Seascape Ecology

Nate Mantua is a climate scientist with research focused on climate dynamics, climate impacts on natural resources, and the use of climate information in resource management. Much of his work has focused on climate, marine life, and fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean and western North America, including understanding climate impacts on Pacific salmon ecology and salmon fisheries. Nate is a former Associate Professor at the School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences (2006-2012), and founding member and co-director of the Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington (1995-2012).

Selected Publications

  • FitzGerald, A.M., D. Boughton, J. Fuller, S.N. John, B.T. Martin, L.R. Harrison, and N.J. Mantua. In press (available online). Physical and biological constraints on the capacity for life-history expression of anadromous salmonids: an Eel River, California, case study. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.
  • Munsch, S.H., C.M. Greene, N.J. Mantua, and W.H. Satterthwaite. 2022. One hundred-seventy years of stressors erode salmon fishery climate resilience in California’s warming landscape. Global Change Biology 28(7):2183-2201.
  • Mantua, N., R. Johnson, J. Field, S. Lindley, T. Williams, A. Todgham, N. Fangue, C. Jeffres, H. Bell, D. Cocherell, J. Rinchard, D. Tillitt, B. Finney, D. Honeyfield, T. Lipscomb, S. Foott, K. Kwak, M. Adkison, B. Kormos, S. Litvin, and I. Ruiz-Cooley. 2021. Mechanisms, impacts, and mitigation for thiamine deficiency and early life stage mortality inb California’s Central Valley Chinook salmon [abstract]. In: J. Park, W. Stanbury, and M. Kermoade (eds.), Third NPAFC-IYS Virtual Workshop on Linkages between Pacific Salmon Production and Environmental Changes (May 25-28, 2021). North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission, NPAFC Technical Report 17:92-93.
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  • Harding, J., E. Dick, N. Mantua, B. Wells, A. Ammann, and S. Hayes. 2021. Distribution patterns of fish and invertebrates from summer salmon surveys in the central California Current System 2010–2015. U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-SWFSC-645. 72 p.
  • Amaya, D.J., M.A. Alexander, A. Capotondi, C. Deser, K.B. Karnauskas, A.J. Miller, and N.J. Mantua. 2021. Are long-term changes in mixed layer depth influencing North Pacific marine heatwaves? Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 102(1):S59-S66.
  • FitzGerald, A.M., S.N. John, T.M. Apgar, N.J. Mantua, and B.T. Martin. 2021. Quantifying thermal exposure for migratory riverine species: Phenology of Chinook salmon populations predicts thermal stress. Global Change Biology 27(3):536-549.
  • Yati, E., S. Minobe, N. Mantua, S. Ito, and E. Di Lorenzo. 2020. Marine ecosystem variations over the North Pacific and their linkage to large-scale climate variability and change. Frontiers in Marine Science 7:578165 (15 p.).
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  • Santora, J.A., N.J. Mantua, I.D. Schroeder, J.C. Field, E.L. Hazen, S.J. Bograd, W.J. Sydeman, B.K. Wells, J. Calambokidis, L. Saez, D. Lawson, and K. A. Forney. 2020. Habitat compression and ecosystem shifts as potential links between marine heatwave and record whale entanglements. Nature Communications 11:536 (12 p.).
  • Di Lorenzo, E., A. Miller, C. Anderson, K. Karnauskas, J. Keister, N. Mantua, M. Ohman, and A. Subramanian. 2019. Forecasting ENSO impacts on marine ecosystems of the US West Coast: A joint US CLIVAR and OCB workshop (August 10-11, 2016, San Diego, California). US Climate Variability & Predictability Program (Washington, DC) and Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry Program (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution). 58 p.
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