Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Conducting scientific research to ensure that the region's marine and anadromous fish, marine mammal, marine turtle and invertebrate populations remain at healthy and sustainable levels, as functioning parts of their ecosystems and continue to enhance the quality of life for the public.

Our Location

Map of West Coast Region with Southwest labs labeled.

Research conducted at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center encompasses the waters of the California Current and adjacent inland watersheds, bays and estuaries of California. Extending along the U.S. West Coast from Canada to Mexico, the California Current is characterized by some of the most dramatic annual, interannual and decadal environmental variability in the world. Waters of the California Current are used for recreation and commerce, and support valuable commercial, tribal, and recreational fisheries for fish and invertebrates, including sardine, anchovy, rockfish, salmon, squid, abalone, tunas, sharks and billfish. These waters are also home to many protected species, including marine mammals, marine turtles, and seabirds, which inhabit the California Current or are among the highly migratory species from the broader Pacific Ocean that use the California Current as a nursery area, migratory corridor, and feeding ground. Our scientists also conduct research throughout the Pacific Ocean and in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

Our Leadership

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