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Rhett Finley in green shirt and backpack.

Rhett Finley

Fishery Biologist Junior III (Affiliate)
Protected Species Division
Passive Acoustics Branch
Office: (918) 704-1936
Email: rhett.finley@noaa.gov

Rhett Finley

Fishery Biologist Junior III (Affiliate)

Rhett graduated from Texas A&M University at Galveston with a BS in Marine Biology in 2018. Before joining the NEFSC’s Passive Acoustics Branch in 2023, he obtained a range of experiences relating to the research and conservation of protected species, particularly with marine mammals. Some of these experiences have involved protected species observing on wind farm lease areas in the Northwest Atlantic, serving as a field research assistant on bottlenose dolphin social dynamics for the Dolphin Alliance Project in Shark Bay, Australia, conducting Northern elephant seal censuses on their breeding grounds in the Farallon Islands, and curating aerial photographic data of marine wildlife from the Atlantic Marine Assessment Program for Protected Species (AMAPPS) for an automatic image detector. He most recently was a part of a right whale acoustic density estimation project with the Bioacoustics and Behavioral Ecology Lab (BABEL) at Syracuse University. Now he is currently responsible for coordinating field work, leading hydrophone deployment operations, and assisting with baleen whale acoustic analysis.


For more information, see Rhett's LinkedIn profile.