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Photo of Ryan Nichols with a juvenile Hebi (shortbill spearfish, Tetrapturus angustirostris).

Ryan Nichols

Research Fish Biologist
Fisheries Research and Monitoring Division
Life History Program
Life History of Fishes
Office: (808) 725-5706

Ryan Nichols

Research Fish Biologist

Ryan has been with NOAA for over 15 years conducting life history related research on marine fishes with a focus on how biological and ecosystem processes can impact marine fishes. His current research pertains to the age and growth of Hawaiian and U.S. Territorial deepwater snapper and groupers. Ryan is also investigating natal grouping of fishes by looking at the elemental concentrations (Sr, Ba and Mg) in the ear bones. This creates an environmental fingerprint of where the fish was born, which is important goal of understanding critical nursery habitats and impacts due to different environmental pressures.