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Alaska Fisheries Science Center 2021 Preview of Ecological and Economic Conditions (PEEC) Meeting

Goal: Exchange information on early physical, biological, and economic conditions to inform the fall assessment cycle.


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

8:30AM-11:30AM AKDT  / 9:30AM - 12:30PM PDT

Introduction, Oceanographic Conditions, & Lower Trophic


Welcome and Introductions [PEEC steering committee]

Spring PEEC Workshop Overview [PEEC steering committee]

Ecosystem Status Report (ESR) / Ecosystem and Socioeconomic Profiles (ESP) / Stock Assessment Risk Tables  [PEEC steering committee & K. Shotwell]

2020 Hot Topics Review [E. Siddon, B. Ferriss, I. Ortiz]


EBS Sea ice [R. Thoman]

North Pacific climate overview [N. Bond]

Climate - EBS [J. Overland]

Satellite-derived SST [J. Watson]

Heatwave update [J. Watson] 

Gulf Watch/Seward Line Oceanography [R. Suryan/ Seth Danielson (UAF)]




Papa Trajectory Index [B. Stockhausen]

Oceanographic surveys and mooring information [P. Stabeno]

St. Paul oceanography information [L. Divine/S. Danielson (UAF)]

ROMSNPZ hindcast/forecast update [K. Kearney/A. Hermann/W. Cheng]

OSCURS [D. Cooper]

Ocean Acidification [D. Pilcher/J. Cross]

Chlorophyll a [J. Nielsen,J. Watson, Lisa Eisner]

Zooplankton onboard sampling EBS [D. Kimmel]

Harmful algal blooms  [T. Farrugia, AOOS/Alaska Harmful Algal Bloom Network]


—Summary One-Liners (Early Warnings, Hot Topics)


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

8:30AM-11:30AM AKDT  / 9:30AM - 12:30PM PDT

Upper Trophic conditions, Seabirds, & Marine Mammals


Welcome and Introductions [PEEC steering committee]

Snow crab near EBS ice edge [E. Fedewa]

Acoustics (winter pollock spawning survey) [Taina Honkalehto]

GOA Pcod spawning index with winter 2021 temperature [B. Laurel, L. Rogers]

GOA Larval fish abundance (Spring Larval Survey Update) [A. Deary, L. Rogers]

GOA pollock 2018 year class (late-summer age 1), and April-May wind at E Amatuli Island [M. Wilson]

GOA Herring forecasts [Kyle Hebert, Sherri Dressel (ADFG)]

Bristol Bay salmon forecast [Curry Cunningham (UAF)]

New salmon forecasts for 2021 [Rich Brenner (ADFG)]

What contributed to the salmon decline in 2020 [Greg Ruggerone (Natural Resource  Consultants)]


—Summary One-Liners (Early Warnings, Hot Topics)



Seabird die-offs [COASST/H. Burgess, T. Jones]

Seabirds Middleton Island [S. Hatch]

Humpback winter/spring 2020 survey [J. Moran]

Fin Whale 2020 survey updates [C. Berchok]

Gray whale UME update [Mandy Keogh, Kate Savage, Sue Ellen Moore]

Marine mammal strandings update [Mandy Keogh]

Bowhead survey near Utqiagvik [M. Fergusson]


—Summary One-Liners (Early Warnings, Hot Topics)


Thursday, May 20, 2021

8:30AM-11:30AM AKDT  / 9:30AM - 12:30PM PDT

Social-Economic Conditions & Observations from Communities and Fishing Industries


Welcome and Introductions [PEEC steering committee]

2020/21 Prices and product trends [B. Fissel]

2021 Commercial fishing rates [M. Dorn] 

2021 Commercial fishing rates [J. Ianelli] 

Flatfish, temperature, and bycatch [John Gauvin, Alaska Seafood Cooperative]




Observations from the Communities

Bering Sea [G. Sheffield, G. Dunham, Sea Grant Marine Advisory Agents]

Gulf of Alaska [J. Matweyou, Sea Grant Marine Advisory Agents]


Observations from the Federal Fishing Grounds Industry

  • Chad See (Freezer Longline Coalition)
  • Chris Barrows (Pacific Seafood Processors Association)
  • Jim Johnson (Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union)

Fisheries observers observations 


—Summary One-Liners (Early Warnings, Hot Topics)


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