Backyard and Beyond: World Fish Migration Day and Year of the Salmon


Sometimes being a fish is hard! Learn about our local migratory fish species and the obstacles that they face in our rivers and streams. Pretend you’re a fish trying to swim upstream, find your home using only your sense of smell, or navigate through obstacles to find your mate! Learn about what’s being done to conserve our local waterways and how you can be involved. This program is a joint effort between the Discovery Museum and NOAA Fisheries.

Organizers: NOAA Fisheries and the Discovery Museum.
Contacts: Kristen Bronger, NOAA Fisheries, (978) 281-9378 and Rachel Danford, Discovery Museums, (978) 264-4200 ext. 137.

Last updated by Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office on 03/27/2018

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