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Peer Review: Right Whale Decision Support Tool

The reviewers will evaluate a method developed to help people understand and mitigate the relative risk of North Atlantic right whale entanglement in fishing gear in different geographic locations off the northeastern United States.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Time Activity Lead
Morning Session    
10:00 Welcome and Introductions Sean Hayes/Tara Trinko Lake
10:10 Overview and Process Sean Hayes/Tara Trinko Lake
10:30 Take Reduction Team Background Mike Asaro/Colleen Coogan
11:00 Co-Occurrence Model-Industrial Economics Inc. (IEC) Neal Etre
11:30 Decision Support Tool Purpose and Scope

Sean Hayes

11:45 Model Overview and Fishery Inputs Burton Shank/IEC
12:15 Lunch  
Afternoon Session    
1:15 Fishery Inputs Continued Burton Shank
2:00 Discussion/ Review of Fishery Inputs Review Panel
2:30 Model Inputs: Gear Threat Burton Shank/PSB Staff
3:15 Break  
3:30 Model Inputs: Gear Threat Continued Burton Shank/PSB Staff
4:15 Discussion/Review of Gear Threat Model Review Panel
4:45 Public Comment  
5:00 General Discussion/Day1 Wrap-up

Review Panel / Presenters

5:30 Adjourn  


Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Time Activity Leads

Morning Session



9:00 Brief Overview and Logistics    Sean Hayes/Tara Trinko Lake
9:10 Model Inputs - Whale Habitat Modeling Jason Roberts
10:30 Discussion / Review of Whale Habitat Modeling

Review Panel

11:00 Public Comment  
11:15 Break  
11:30 Model Inputs- User Configurations

Burton Shank

12:30 Lunch  

Afternoon Session

1:30 Discussion / Review of User Inputs Review Panel
1:45 Model outputs- Risk to Right Whales   

Burton Shank

2:45 Break  
3:00 Model Outputs- Risk to Right Whales Discussion/Review/Summary    Review Panel
4:15 Public Comment  
4:30 General  Discussion/Day 2 Wrap-Up Review Panel/Presenters
5:00 Adjourn  


Thursday, November 21, 2019
Time Activity Lead
Morning Session  


9:00 Brief Overview and Logistics Sean Hayes/Tara Trinko Lake
9:10 Right Whale Mortality Apportionment    Colleen Coogan
10:10 Discussion/Review of Mortality Apportionment Review Panel
10:40 Public Comment  
10:55 Break  
11:10 Meeting Wrap-Up and Discussion of Key Topics Review Panel
12:00 Lunch  
Afternoon Session    
1:00 Report Writing Review Panel
5:00 Adjourn  


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