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Cast a Line for National Fishing and Boating Week

June 03, 2019

Join us for National Fishing and Boating Week as we celebrate one of our nation's most cherished pastimes: saltwater recreational fishing.

Private sport fishing boat just off the Florida coast at sunrise.

Cast a line and join us for National Fishing and Boating Week. This national event takes place June 1-9, 2019 and highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing in our nation.  

According to NOAA Fisheries most recent data, the American saltwater recreational fishing community has more than 9.8 million saltwater anglers and they are as diverse and widespread as the species they pursue. It's also an important part of our economy.  Recreational fishing supports 472,000 jobs, and generates $67.9 billion annually in sales impacts and $24.3 billion in income.

National Fishing and Boating Week Features

Engaging with Recreational Anglers Is a Top Priority

Check out this leadership message from Assistant Administrator for NOAA Fisheries Chris Oliver and learn how we support recreational fishing opportunities across the country.
Read our latest leadership message


NOAA Fisheries Announces New Plans for Engaging with Recreational Fishermen

To be effective in our engagement efforts, we have produced a set of six recreational engagement plans highlighting actions that NOAA Fisheries will take to work with and connect to the recreational fishing communities we serve.

Learn more about these region-specific plans



Youth Introduced to Fishing Opportunities, Sustainability at Events Supported by NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries is committed to engaging America’s youth in our saltwater recreational fisheries and providing education on how to be responsible stewards of our marine resources.

Learn more about youth angler engagement


Recreational Catch and Release Best Practices

Properly releasing fish to fight another day helps ensure high quality angling opportunities today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

Learn more about catch and release best practices


Electronic Reporting At-a-Glance

The Marine Recreational Information Program is working to advance the use of electronic reporting in recreational fishing data collection.

Learn more about electronic monitoring

APAIS Sampler NC DEQ.jpg

Reopening Cape Fear River to Migration Benefits Both Fish and People

NOAA and partners’ work to restore North Carolina’s Cape Fear River will provide cleaner water and healthier habitat for migratory fish, while in turn supporting local communities and businesses.

Learn more about this restoration effort

 Four fishing boats float on the river with a red fire department boat behind them and a bridge in the background

New Projects to Engage Recreational Anglers and Restore Habitat

NOAA is announcing the funding of three projects that will restore coastal habitat and enhance recreational fisheries engagement in coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships. More than $120,000 will support habitat restoration projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alaska.

Learn more about these projects

People work together on habitat restoration project

Alaska's Valuable Recreational Fishing Industry

Alaskan scientists and managers are ensuring the sustainability of Alaska marine resources for the benefit of recreational, commercial and subsistence users and other members of the public.

Learn more about recreational fishing in Alaska

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