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Celebrating 40 Rebuilt Stocks in U.S. Fisheries

October 12, 2016

Barndoor skates are the 40th rebuilt stock in U.S. fisheries under the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

Barndoor skate
The U.S. has been sustainably managing our fisheries for many years. This year, we’ve got reason to celebrate. Not only does the Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA)—the primary law governing marine fisheries in U.S. federal waters—turn 40, but we’ve also reached another significant milestone in fisheries management. We’re announcing our 40th rebuilt stock—barndoor skate.
Through our dynamic, science-based management process, the U.S. has become a global leader in long-term sustainable fishery management. We continue to make progress on ending overfishing and rebuilding stocks, helping us realize significant benefits to the economy.

Since 2000, we’ve rebuilt 40 marine fish stocks around the country, with barndoor skate in the Northeast United States as the most recent addition to the list. You will not find barndoor skate on the menu because harvesting is still not allowed. Managers in the Northeast will determine whether barndoor can be harvested in the future. Meanwhile, there are there are many rebuilt stocks that are popular seafood choices.

Five Delicious (Rebuilt) Fish and Recipes to Try 

In the spirit of National Seafood Month, learn more about some of the stocks we’ve rebuilt that you might find at your local restaurant or seafood market. From our first rebuilt stock—the delicious and valuable Atlantic sea scallop—to the buttery, mild lingcod from the West Coast. Click the fish to check out FishWatch to learn more or the recipe below for a tasty new dish.

Acadian redfish illustration

Acadian redfish - Spicy Redfish Tacos

Lingcod illustration

Lingcod - Grilled Lingcod for One

King mackerel illustration

King mackerel - Herb-Broiled Mackerel Steaks

Atlantic sea scallop illustration

Atlantic scallop - Fiery Dusted Scallops

Swordfish illustration

Swordfish - Parmesan Crusted Swordfish

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