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Fisheries Economics of the United States, 2015

May 10, 2017

The annual Fisheries Economics of the United States report provides economic information related to U.S. commercial and recreational fishing activities and fishing-related industries.


This report covers a ten year time period and includes descriptive statistics on:

  • Commercial fisheries: commercial fisheries landings, revenue, price trends.
  • Recreational fisheries: recreational fishing effort, participation rates, expenditure information.
  • Fishing-related industries: employer and non-employer establishment, payroll, annual receipt information for fishing-related industries.
  • Economic impact: employment, sales, value-added impacts.


Commercial and Recreational Fisheries (Combined) Totals


Total Sales Generated by U.S. Commercial and Recreational Fishing Industries:
U.S. Total-208 Billion Sales



Total Jobs Supported by Commercial and Recreational Fishing Industries:
U.S. Total - 1.62 Million Jobs


Commercial Fisheries Totals


U.S. Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Trends:
Jobs: $1.18 Million, Income: $39.7 Billion, Sales: $144.2 Billion, Value Added: $60.6 Billion, Revenue: $5.2 Billion


Total Landings Revenue of Key Commercial Species/Species Groups:
Walleye Pollock - $509 Million, Pacific Salmon - $461 Million, Shrimp - $489 Million, American Lobster - $618 Million, Sea Scallop - $439 Million


Total Jobs Supported by the U.S. Seafood Industry by State


Total Sales Generated by the U.S. Seafood Industry by State


Recreational Fisheries Totals


U.S. Recreational Fisheries Economic Impact Trends:
Jobs - 439,242, Income - $22.7 Billion, Sales - $63.4 Billion, Value Added - $26.1 Billion, Total Trips - $60.9 Million

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Fisheries Economics