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U.S. Commerce Department Announces Appointments to 3 Regional Fishery Management Councils

October 12, 2018

The Secretary announced the appointment of members to three regional fishery management councils


The U.S. Commerce Department today announced the reappointment of one and appointment of two new members to three regional fishery management councils. The new members will fill at-large seats that were recently vacated on the Western Pacific and South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils. These seats became vacant in July 2018. The new members will serve through August 10, 2020. For the Pacific Fishery Management Council, the tribal member will fill an obligatory seat that was made vacant after the expiration of the term on August 11, 2018. The reappointed member will serve through August 10, 2021.

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act established the councils as stewards of the nation's fisheries resources through the preparation of fishery management plans for their regions. NOAA Fisheries works closely with the councils through this process and then reviews, approves, and implements the plans. Council members represent diverse groups, including commercial and recreational fishing industries, environmental organizations and academia. They are vital to fulfilling the Act's requirements to end overfishing, rebuild fish stocks, and manage them sustainably.

The Secretary selects members from nominations submitted by the governors of fishing states, territories, and tribal governments. Council members are appointed to both obligatory (state-specific) and at-large (regional) seats. Council members may be reappointed to serve three consecutive terms.

*Asterisks preceding a member's name indicate a reappointment.

South Atlantic Council

The South Atlantic Council includes members from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The appointee will a vacant at-large seat.

At-Large seat:

Joseph D. Whitaker (South Carolina)


Pacific Council

The Pacific Council includes members from California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The Pacific Council also includes one Tribal seat. The appointee will fill a vacant Tribal seat.

Obligatory seat:

Joseph Y. Oatman* (Tribal)


Western Pacific Council

The Western Pacific Council includes members from American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The appointee will fill a vacant at-large seat.

At-Large seat:

Frederick McGrew Rice (Hawaii) 

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